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Kaylee Colton won’t be going to school this morning.

It seemed another suburban sunrise, reading the next volume in the Ghostly series while her mom scrambled to get ready for work.

But when Kaylee’s brother’s television set squeals out in a hypnotic pitch the events become fuzzy. Not just Kaylee’s home, but every home has received the signal, a wave that divides humanity, shreds the fabric of society, and ushers in total civil war. Kaylee Colton must survive the Apocalypse, practice what she’s learned from books, solve what the hell is going on, and how the un-hypnotized people might stop it.


“…a one-of-a-kind experience, I say you order now and buckle up.”
–Kimberly’s Book Spot

“It was action-packed, constantly moving, and definitely worth the read!”
–Reading My Reality

Transfixion is a window into a world gone insane and asks us how long we could fight against insanity before falling prey to it ourselves.”
–Anime Reporter

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